Keynote Speakers

傅勝利校長  (義守大學) President Shen-Li Fu (I Shou University)


The Inspiration of NTU's Entering the Web 100 University Club and ISU's NETPAW

江元秋主任 (義守大學)、林煌賄主任(和春技術學院)

黃瑞初主任 (義守大學)、張正儀博士(高雄應用科大)、黃貴敏博士(清雲科技大學)

Prof. Robert Beasley (USA) and Prof. Yuangshan Chuang (Kun Shan University)

The Effects of CEF Level and Type on Language Testing Outcomes: An Analysis of 3250 Online NETPAW Tests

Prof.  Troi Carleton (USA)

Documentary Linguistics for Endangered Languages

Dr. Barry Natusch (New Zealand)

Minority communities and museums online

Dr. John Liontas (USA)

From the Multimedia Classroom to the Multimedia World: Making the Transition

Inspector General Joe Bel Lassen (France) and Prof. Yuangshan Chuang (Kun Shan University)

Online CEF Chinese Test and Instruction


Prof.  Shirley O'Neill (Australia)

Implementing NETPAW's Diagnostic Test of English Proficiency in Australia: A Case Study


Prof. Bertha Du-Babcock

Implementing Diagnostic Test in NETPAW Proficiency Test in Hong Kong


Dr. Jessica R W Wu (吳若蕙博士) (The Language Training & Testing Center)
Differential Item Functioning in Gender and Living Background Groups in the GEPT